7/14/16: A Space For Scholars On The Margins Of Academia

Roksana Badruddoja writes an open letter to her students, à la Shannon Gibney, Saida Grundy and Zandria F. Robinson. @ CONDITIONALLY ACCEPTED

Dr. Badruddoja receives intense backlash for The Chronicle Of Higher Ed community. Here, she shares the following words from feminist philosopher Audrey Yap “…ad hominem fallacies can create conditions of epistemic injustice. Ad hominem fallacies that target a particular aspect of a person’s identity can make certain stereotypes about that identity salient. For instance, an ad hominem fallacy that uses a racial slur to dismiss someone’s argument can also bring to the forefront stereotypes about the intellectual abilities of people who are racialized in that way. Many non-white folks are stereotyped as intellectually lacking in some way, which sets up conditions under which they are less likely to be regarded as competent sources of testimony.”




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