Make MC Safe (Again?) – A Quad Staff Member Op-Ed

“Making sexual assault seem like just another student life presentation minimizes the importance of keeping the student body safe. Some would even say that the school takes plagiarism as a more serious violation than sexual assault, often with more serious penalties and repercussions years down the line.”

The Quadrangle

by TORI JAMES, Staff Writer

Editor’s Note: Several resident assistants were quoted anonymously in this op-ed, some of their names have been changed to protect their jobs and identities.

As part of Opening Weekend, incoming freshmen as well as transfer students are required to attend a “Fundamentals for First Year Students” presentation.

Some methods of this presentation caused a lot of frustration among various members of the student body.

This presentation is a legal requirement for the school, where they teach about sexual assault and violence on campus. Sexual assault on college campuses has been a pressing issue after the exposure of Title IX misconduct, and has been made stronger after the passing the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA).

Manhattan College, on the other hand, took an approach that seemed inconsistent with its Lasallian values and showed an overall disregard for student health and safety.

The first problem presented…

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