Ageism in philosophy?

Feminist Philosophers

After spending years at conferences where women had to struggle to be heard, i thought that sorry situation changed considerably in 1986.  Suddenly it was recognized that women could do philosophy, or so it seemed to me.  But there was a problem.  Men acted, again from my point of view, as though women became able to do philosophy in 1986.  With few exceptions, the older women were not taken more seriouly than before.

Surely I exaggerate for the sake of a neat narrative.  Perhaps so.  But it may be worth asking ourselves if there is ageism operating in philosophy.  Equally, we could ask if this bias affects women more than men.

If ageism is active, it would do us well to start looking at it by reminding ourselves of its presence in all sorts of areas.  And so here’s a bit from HuffPo about another industry.  (

You have to…

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One thought on “Ageism in philosophy?

  1. I agree about ageism prevalence in movies. I might add that it is not only the scriptwriter or director who makes these comments or create situations that presents the negative portrayal of older age, but the older character sometimes unfortunately contributes to this image by unwittingly making self-depreciating age comments about himself/herself as part of the script!


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