Your Chance to Comment on Proposed Title IX Rule Changes

Your Chance to Comment on Proposed Title IX Rule Changes

Research Notes

As reported recently, Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos has released new proposed regulations to Title IX. The proposed changes run counter to what we have learned through the TSS Group as well as research nationally about the causes and consequences of sexual assault, reporting decisions, and the importance of trauma-informed responses. The sweeping changes would be far-reaching, affecting the kinds of cases that can even be investigated to requiring survivors to submit to cross-examination by an advisor of the accused’s choosing. The proposed changes promise to have a chilling effect on reporting and institutional responses to campus sexual assault. And, unlike Obama-era guidance on Title IX, the new rules would be legally binding.

Now that the new rules have been proposed, the public has until January 28, 2019 to comment. Several resources are available to learn more about the proposed rule changes as well as how to make an effective comment that…

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Raising Awareness of Hyperemesis Gravidarum [LINK]

Raising Awareness of Hyperemesis Gravidarum [LINK]


Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) is a debilitating and potentially life-threatening pregnancy-related illness impacting two percent (underreported) of pregnant women globally. HG often begins by week six of pregnancy and includes malnutrition, rapid weight loss, dehydration, limited mobility and psychological trauma due to unrelenting nausea and vomiting with potentially adverse consequences for moms and babies. HG significantly disrupts women’s daily life. Yet, no standard medical definition exists nor adequate medical care for most of us.

HG is often medically misdiagnosed as extreme “morning sickness” and medical personnel (from physicians to midwives and doulas) often believe HG will resolve by week twelve. However, each pregnancy is unique and while for some women HG dissipates by week twenty, for others (between ten to twenty percent in the U.S.), we experience HG until the end of the pregnancy. HG is NOT morning sickness; it is “beyond morning sickness” as Ashli Foshee McCall (Beyond Morning…

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New Special Issue: Trump and the 2016 Election

Feminist Philosophers

The Kennedy Institute of Ethics Journal just released advance copies of 12 articles for their special issue on philosophical issues related to Trump and the 2016 election — I haven’t read through all of them yet, but what I have read so far is excellent and of interest to feminist philosophers. Check it out here!

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Oxford Dictionaries and All Male Panels

Feminist Philosophers

Thanks to a reader for pointing out this entry on the Oxford Dictionaries blog:

The Gendered Conference Campaign (GCC) has for some time pointed out various instances of all male panels, but now we can have a term to refer to them, namely a “manel.” Not to be confused with an indie pop band from Barcelona.

The term manel, used to refer to an all-male panel of speakers, has recently emerged to join the ranks of the ever growing lexicon of words that are formed by blending the word man with an existing word. While slightly older examples of such terms like mankini, a typically revealing bathing suit for men, or murse, a purse for a man, drew attention to how traditional western concepts of manhood might be in flux, the most recent wave of man- words has had a decidedly different effect. Words like mansplaining

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BBC Pay Gap – Top Earners are Largely White Able-Bodied Men

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The BBC recently published the salaries of its most highly paid employees. Unsurprisingly, to the jaded cynics amongst us, of its 96 top earners, only a third are women; the top 7 highest earners are all men; and male and female co-hosts on the same programme are, in some cases, paid very different amounts of money for doing the same job. Moreover, just 10 people on the list are from a BME background, and the highest paid BBC star – Chris Evans – earns about the same as all of these people put together.

You can read more here, and here.

A more fundamental question is why there is such disparity between people’s incomes more generally.

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Be her, too

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You probably saw one of the memes about August Landmesser, whose failure to do the Nazi salute is memorialised in a famous photo that is part of the Topography of Terror exhibition in Berlin.


In the same exhibit I saw a much less famous picture.  I don’t know who this woman is.  But someone needs to make a meme.  Surely the expression on her face gives one plenty to work with.


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New UC System changes in policies on sexual harassment

Feminist Philosophers

The article is from the CHE, June 29, 2017. I’m copying all of it below.

The deadlines and the fact that information about outcomes is shared are both important.

The University of California system has new policies to respond to allegations of sexual misconduct by faculty and staff members, the university announced in a news release on Thursday. Changes will be in place systemwide by September 1.

The changes include a clear timeline for completing investigations; chancellor or chancellor-designee approval of discipline proposed for a staff member’s supervisors; and informing complainants, as well as respondents, of all outcomes.

In the news release, Kathleen Salvaty, the system’s Title IX coordinator, said the new polices aimed to strengthen the adjudication process across campuses. “For the past year,” she said, “campuses have been hard at work shoring up their resources and improving their processes for implementation of these systems.”

Other changes include:


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